Interactive 3D TopOpt App


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You can download a UserGuide containing app descriptions and tutorials from here.

TopOpt3D is an interactive topology optimization tool that solves the minimum compliance problem in 3D ! The App allows the user to change loads, supports and the volume fraction on the fly, and watch the design evolve to a new optimum in real-time.


Features introduced version 1.03:

  • Added option to name the file for the exported design
  • Improved GUI

Basic functionality:

  • Export functionality - allows for easy 3D printing of the optimized structures.
  • Symmetry conditions included
  • Passive elements (Prescribed solid or void regions)
  • Scale and rotate loads
  • Pause/Resume Optimization
  • Marching cubes and voxel visualization methods
  • Choose between domain size, and mesh density presets.


Download the 3D app: The 3D TopOpt App is available for the following platforms:

The TopOpt 3D App has been developed as part of the NextTop project funded by the Villum Foundation.



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(*) This app is best suited for the newest iPhone and iPad models, due to the large amount of calculations it requires.

(**) Windows requires you to have the newest Visual C++ Redistributables installed. So please download and install the 64-bit versions of the VC++R2012 and VC++R2013 from Microsofts website.

(**) Updated for windows users: If the app starts but no design is shown, this might be a problem with the ACML library - cure this by downloaded version 6.1 from here and move "libacml_dll.dll" to app folder.