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Developed and maintained by Dmitri Tcherniak, Ole Sigmund, Thomas A. Poulsen and Thomas Buhl. For technical questions please e-mail to web-master.

    The TOPOPT program solves the general topology optimization problem of distributing a given amount of material in a design domain subject to load and support conditions, such that the stiffness of the structure is maximized. Users interested in the theory behind the topology optimization method are referred to the references. The type and size of problems that can be solved using the web-based TOPOPT program are very limited. The restrictions on the TOPOPT program are the following:

  1. Two dimensions
  2. Rectangular design domains
  3. Three load cases
  4. 1000 square elements (= 1000 design variables)
  5. 100 design iterations

    The short-term goal of the web-based topology optimization program TOPOPT is to develop a simple-to-use topology optimization tool that can be used in the education of engineers, architects and other structural designers and to investigate the use of web-browsers as interfaces to CAD-programs.
    The long-term goal is to develop an interface to a multi-purpose topology optimization program that can be used to solve general structural design problems, MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) design problems and other topology optimization problems involving multiple physical domains.
    The user who wants to solve more complicated design problems (involving multiple loading conditions, more complex design domains, three dimensional problems or mechanism/MEMS design problems) is welcome to contact the web-master with inquiries.

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