Fluid Design

Optimization of a Static Micro Mixer using Topology Optimization

Using the flow formulation presented in the seminal fluid topopt paper by Borrvall and Petersson and a superposed transport equation as done in Gersborg-Hansen (PhD thesis) it is possible to optimize the mixing performance of a laminar static mixer. The full description is given in [1].


Below the optimized design for a micro channel mixer is shown. The temperature is initially 0-2 (blue - red) and at the outlet it is almost totally mixed (1 - green). No bouyancy effects included. 

Optimized passive mixer in Stokes flow

A visualization of an optimized micro mixer with square cross section and full design freedom 

Optimized passive mixer in Stokes flow



  1. Topology optimization of microfluidic mixers, Andreasen, Casper Schousboe, Gersborg Allan Roulund, and Sigmund Ole , International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Volume 61, Issue 5, p.498-513, (2009)