3D Compliance Design

With this program one can do 3D compliance optimization. There is a graphical user interface and the computations are taken care of by the webserver. It is a requirement that you have installed both Java and the Java 3D extension in order to use the program.

In comparison to the Compliance Design applet (2D) this program allows more freedom with respect to number of elements and design iterations.

Choose either one of the predefined examples or construct your own.

If you were using a Java-capable browser, you would see "TopOpt3D" instead of this paragraph.

Version 1.02 Build 1


  • Stiffness optimization using Topology Optimization.
  • Visualization using the JAVA 3D libriary.
  • Export of results in .STL files (StereoLithography files) for postprocessing in a CAD program e.g. Microstation. See applications.
  • Load and save option for examples. Export of results to .jpg files for documentation, report writing etc.
  • Please note that when the program is executed it creates a folder at the desktop (Windows) / in the home folder (*nix) named top3dfiles containing the input/output files.


Installation of TopOpt3D (all operating systems)

1: Download Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from http://www.java.com

2: Download Java3D API from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javasebusiness/downloads/java-archive-downloads-java-client-419417.html#java3d-1.5.1-oth-JPR

3: Update relevant software such as Direct-X etc.

4: Restart browser



  • A guide through the MBB-beam example: MBB-beam guide
  • Read frequently asked questions with answers: FAQs
  • Known problems and limitations: Limitations


The TopOpt 3D program has been run 9255 times, by 855 different users, since Apr. 2004.