Mechanism Design

With this Java applet you can build an input deck for a topology optimization program running on the webserver. By adding forces, supports, fixed solid and void domains you can solve your own mechanism design problems. The optimizer is constrained to max 120 iterations using a FEM mesh containing 1000 elements.

Design a mechanism!

Just construct your own design problem and press 'Submit' button.

Other example: Gripping mechanism.

The default example given here is taken from the paper by Ole Sigmund from 1997, titled "On the Design of Compliant Mechanisms using Topology Optimization." In the mentioned paper you can also find a good basis for understanding compliant mechanism design.

A description of the web user interface can be found in the paper "A web-based topology optimization program" (PDF) (510KB) (Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 22 (3), 2001, pp. 179-187) by Dmitri Tcherniak and Ole Sigmund.

Interface FAQs: Topology Optimization FAQs:
[How to move elements?] [Why use symmetry?]
[How to scale elements?] [What is a 'volume fraction'?]
[How to change elements?] [What's an 'actuator'?]
[And how to delete them?] [What are 'fixed regions'?]
  [What's a 'workpiece'?]


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