Group Members

The TopOpt research group mainly consists of researchers from Solid Mechanics, DTU Mechanical Engineering and DTU Compute and DTU Wind

The group members are listed below and by clicking their name or picture a short profile of each will be shown.

Former members

Allan Roulund Gersborg
Anders Astrup Larsen
Cem Celal Tutum
Claus Pedersen
Eduardo Munoz
Jacob Andkjær
Kasper Storgaard Friis
Konstantinos Marmaras
Manh Dang Nguyen
Maria Bayard Dühring
Martin Bendsøe
Misha Marie Gregersen
Nam Nguyen Canh
Oded Amir
René Matzen
Stefanie Gaile
Villads Egede Johansen
Yuriy Elesin
Peter Nørtoft Nielsen
Anton Evgrafov
Asger Nyman Christensen